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Other 19th Century Gordon families in Kirkcudbrightshire

Many Gordon families lived in Kirkcudbrightshire during the 18th and 19th Century.  During the research of my own Gordon family of Kirkmabreck and Girthon Parishes in Kirkcudbrightshire, I came across other Gordon families living in the same general area. Wondering whether any of these families were related to me, I have researched and documented a few of these and have presented the information on this website with the hope that someone will find this information of interest or that they will contact me with additional details.

Thus far, I have partially documented the following families included on this website.

Robert Gordon of Larglanglee - Catherine Rose Ann Hutchison

Robert was a landed gentleman living near Kirkcudbright; he and his wife had eight children. His third son, Captain Robert Gordon married Susan Hastings Hannay at Kirkdale House in 1848.  Susan was the daughter of Captain Thomas Rainsford and Mary Ann Moore and grand niece of Mary Hastings Hannay, the Kirkdale estate owner until her death in 1850.  Other children of Robert Gordon of Larglanglee had interesting careers.

Alexander Gordon - Margaret McCartney


Alexander was born in Edinburgh about 1774. He was a stationer, printer and bookseller in Kirkcudbright, Scotland in the early and mid 19th century.
The second son of Alexander, named Alexander, traveled to Charleston, South Carolina in the early 1820's and became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1825.  There he married Jane Cruikshank about 1830 and raised a family. After his wife died, some time after 1860, he returned to Scotland where he lived and later died in Kirkcudbright in 1871.

Robert Gordon - Marion Conchie

Robert and Marion lived in Kirkmabreck Parish  and had children in that Parish from 1785 to 1801.  One son, James, emigrated to Kingston, Ontario, Canada where he married and was a farmer. His descendants are still living in that area.  Other children of Robert and Marion remained in Scotland while others emigrated to England. One such descendant eventually emigrated from England to Massachusetts and his descendants still live in the New England area.

John Gordon - Janet Milligan


John and Janet lived in the Borgue, Twynholm, and Buittle Parishes of Kirkcudbrightshire in the early 19th Century. In the 1841 Census this family was living at Barnsyard, Buittle Parish.  His children continued to live in this parish for some time

Alexander Gordon - Isabella Clark


Their son Samuel Gordon lived in Gatehouse of Fleet where he raised a family. He was an agricultural laborer and was married to Janet Halliday.

Please contact me, Sandy Gordon, if you find a connection or to alert me of any errors or omissions in my data.


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